Hurricane Claims

Hurricanes and windstorms have the potential to cause extensive property damage to both residential and commercial property. Because of this, many property owners purchase insurance coverage to protect their homes and businesses should they become damaged in a natural disaster. In theory, policy holders will be able to file insurance claims to have their homes repaired or to recover business losses following a hurricane or windstorm.

However, some insurance companies employ questionable tactics to avoid fulfilling their agreements with insurance holders and deny or undervalue legitimate hurricane insurance claims.

Our insurance lawyers are dedicated to representing insurance policy holders who are seeking a fair resolution to their hurricane or windstorm property damage claim. If you have suffered property damage due to a windstorm or hurricane, contact our insurance law attorneys today for a free case review. We will evaluate your claim, at no cost to you, to determine whether we can help you file an insurance claim for hurricane damage or fight an undervalued or denied windstorm insurance claim.

As insurance dispute lawyers, we have represented home and business owners who had their property destroyed by hurricanes and windstorms. We have helped these individuals fight against insurance companies who attempted to escape liability for legitimate losses. Our extensive experience has allowed us the opportunity to handle a variety of insurance claims from hurricane damage including bad faith claims, undervalued claims, claims for water damage and complex insurance coverage disputes.

At South Florida Trial Lawyers , our insurance lawyers have a firm understanding of insurance law. We also understand the tactics insurance companies employ to minimize their liability under a policyholderís contract and can use this knowledge to our clientís benefit.

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