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fort lauderdale PIP lawyer

In Florida, personal injury protection (PIP) insurance covers the medical costs of injuries sustained regardless who is at fault. The doctor who treats the injured patient bills the insurer for their medical services, but the insurance company does not always agree to reimburse the physician. That is when South Florida Trial Lawyers, A Private Law Firm, steps in to represent doctors, clinics and hospitals struggling to get paid for their often life-saving work on car accident victims.

We bring more than 20 years of experience to car crash and other personal injury claims. We defend people against criminal charges. We also provide guidance to medical providers in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and property owners in hurricane-related insurance matters. From our law office in Davie, we serve all of South Florida.

Recognizing The Difference From Personal Injury Litigation

PIP claims differ from personal injury matters where an injured party seeks compensation from the negligent party who allowed the injury to occur. PIP is a form of no-fault insurance, so who, if anybody, is at fault for the accident is not an issue. Still, there can be disagreements between the insured person’s medical provider and the insurance company. The process can be complex, and not every personal injury firm represents medical professionals and facilities in PIP cases.

One common controversy is the extent of the treatment given. The insurance company may claim that the doctor ordered unnecessary tests, treatments or operations.  Showing that the doctor appropriately billed the PIP insurer for reimbursement requires experience with Florida PIP law, the billing policies of the leading insurance companies doing business in the state, such as Geico, Progressive and State Farm as well as Skilled and Highly Experienced Fort Lauderdale PIP Lawyer.

At South Florida Trial Lawyers, we have represented medical professionals and facilities for more than two decades. Fort Lauderdale PIP Lawyer job is to make doctors’ lives easier and help them get reimbursed for their work.

Experienced, Proven Fort Lauderdale PIP Insurance Lawyer

For a free consultation regarding PIP insurance representation, please contact South Florida Trial Lawyers online or call 954-465-5297. From our Fort Lauderdale PIP Lawyer office in Davie, we represent medical facilities and physicians throughout the region.

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